A Better Weigh | Obesity Health Medicine Clinic - join a team of allied preventative health professionals to improve patient outcomes.

  • Low overhead with 80-20% splits

  • Full control of your schedule with up to 100% virtual visits (work from home)

  • Growing network / seamless coordination with health care professionals - e.g., pharmacists, lab, dieticians, etc.

  • Custom tech to streamline care for obesity and mental health patients, built by a dedicated team of software engineers

  • Quarterly staff socials and learning groups to connect with fellow care providers

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach focusing on lifestyle interventions, dietary management, evidence-based pharmacological solutions, and overall behavioural skill-building.

Interested? Fill out the contact form, email us a join@abetterweigh.ca or call at (587) 672-0760 

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