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Our Approach

There is a culture shift in medicine today in that obesity is being recognized not only as a risk factor for chronic disease, but as a chronic progressive disease characterized by increased weight and dysfunctional fat stores.  As obesity medicine specialists we appreciate the practice of evidence-based medicine to help our patients reach their goals. Further to this, we realize that for our patients, it is not only about their health, but about their well-being.   

Many of our patients have spent years - decades even, undertaking a myriad of fad diets, exercise plans or commercial weight loss programs to meet their goals. We have seen time and time again that the issue often lies not with getting the weight off, but with keeping the weight off in a healthy manner. Our process will help our patients to lose the weight and keep it off by educating, encouraging, and meeting with our patients on a regular basis to help form new habits, and change behaviours over time.

We undertake this endeavour by providing our patients with:

i. a hybrid followup model, that includes both in-person and virtual consultations, to allow for both continuity and convenience,

ii. frequent visits with a physician, often up to every 2 weeks, in order to promote and maintain accountability and build rapport,

iii. options for collaborative care with our partnered experts in diet, exercise, and mental health care.   

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